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The Commercial Real Estate Expert (CREE) Course

This course contains over 8 hours of video instruction by Troy Muljat, CCIM, who has spent his career in commercial real estate and currently has over 2.5 billion dollars in commercial property under management.

You also get access to all of Troy templates and tools he uses to analyze and close commercial real estate deals. Here are just a few of the items you get through the course:

  • Valuation Model Template - Excel
  • Knox Income Approach Profoma - Excel
  • Four Benefits - Property Investment Spreadsheet - Excel
  • IPV Calculator
  • NPV Calculator
  • NPV (Discounted Cash Flow Analysis) Template - Excel
  • Rental Rate Analysis - Sample Spreadsheets:
    Apartment Rental Survey, Industrial, Apartment Rent & Sale
  • Cap Rate Build Up Method - PDF
  • Letter of Intent (LOI) - Sample Template
  • Triple Net Lease Template - Sample Document
  • Sample Invoice for Billing Clients - Excel
  • Knox Street Comps/Survey- Excel

These templates alone are worth ten times the cost of the course.

Deal Junkie Webinar

When you sign up for the course you have the opportunity to add Deal Junkie at for $197/year which is half the regular price ($394/year). With Deal Junkie you get:

  • Monthly live webinar with Troy Muljat.
  • Access to recordings of previous webinars.
  • Opportunity to have Troy evaluate and answer your questions about deals you are working on.
  • Fresh case studies where actual commercial real estate deals are analyzed and discussed.

"You can never see too many deals. It is the best way to learn and I absolutely love talking about what makes a deal good or bad and what the potential is." - Troy Muljat

Don't miss this opportunity. It is only available with your initial purchase. After your purchase, the cost is $394/year.