How would your life change with one commercial real estate deal a month?

Don’t let another opportunity pass you by. Get the training you need to feel confident in commercial real estate transactions.


Diversify Your Income Streams

Protect yourself from changes in the economy by opening new income streams.

Confidently win Commercial Listings

Gain the confidence you need to win commercial listings that you are currently passing on.

Take Advantage of Every Opportunity

Many of your current clients already need commercial real estate help.

You shouldn’t have to pass on commercial real estate opportunities.

Have you ever been approached by someone needing help in a commercial real estate deal?

Does commercial real estate seem too complicated?

Do you lack the knowledge of how to complete a commercial real estate transaction?

It doesn’t have to be this way!

You should be able to take advantage of these lucrative opportunities.

With the Commercial Real Estate Expert training program you will gain the knowledge and confidence you need to grow your income with commercial real estate.


Troy Muljat has Trained Hundreds of Agents

"In working with residential agents, I understand the fact that you don’t know what you don’t know. This is a journey. Just like residential real estate, it doesn’t happen overnight but it can substantially grow your income. You can be a commercial real estate expert!" - Troy Muljat

Troy has the CCIM designation, is a certified commercial appraiser, and currently manages over $2.5 billion dollars in commercial property.



Ready to get started in commercial real estate?

Getting started is easy. We have created a simple 3 step process to get you the knowledge and confidence you need quickly.

1. Sign up for the course

The course contains over 10 hours of training to grow your knowledge and confidence of commercial real estate.

2. Learn from Troy's actual transactions

Troy walks you through actual transactions he has done so you get real world case studies.

3. Grow your commercial real estate income

With the knowledge you gain you will feel confident in working with commercial clients.

What are others saying about CREE training...

"The CREE course is packed with tons of great content to get started in commercial sales or leasing! I would recommend this course to any broker looking to start their commercial learning experience. "

Abel B.
Realtor in Bellingham, WA

"This must have training will separate you from the average run of the mill agent and take your Real Estate career to new heights."

Brent Wolters

"I am really enjoying the course material. It is exactly what I needed to move forward in CRE. "

Lance Somerville
Commercial Broker in Denver, CO

Get access to an actual commercial property transaction...

This case study will help you see exactly what is possible when you add commercial real estate to your income stream.

  • See all the numbers
  • See the actual property
  • See how the deal was done
  • See what your income would be.

Grab this free case study now!

Get immediate access. Find out how valuable commercial real estate could be to your career.

You don’t have to ride an income roller coaster.

If you aren’t prepared to do a commercial transaction you are missing huge income opportunities.

  • If you have been in residential real estate for any length of time you have likely worked with clients who also have commercial real estate needs. Wouldn’t it be great to leverage your existing relationships
  • Without training in commercial real estate you won’t be able to relate to an investor client.
  • You may even be missing opportunities to purchase your own investment property and grow a passive income stream.

My Commitment to You

I know the anxiety of being responsible to serve your clients well. That’s why I created the Commercial Real Estate Expert training program.

In this program you will get all the tools you need to be successful. In addition to the training you have access to several actual property case studies where I walk you through all the details of the transaction. I’m adding to the library all the time. You also get a calculator tool I’ve developed to help you accurately analyze a property. This is a great opportunity for you to...

  • Grow a new vertical market for your team.
  • Grow a new revenue stream for yourself.
  • Have the confidence to sell multi-million dollar properties.
  • Diversify yourself within your profession.
  • Open up new ways to earn an income through leasing.
  • Find new deals every month as leases expire.
  • Face less competition because there are not as many commercial agents.
  • Have the ability to recognize great deals for your own investments and grow a passive income.

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