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  • Do you leave money on the table every year because you can’t serve commercial clients?
  • Do you struggle to understand the nuances of commercial real estate?
  • Do you want multiple streams of income?
  • Do you hate referring your commercial clients to other brokers?
  • Do you worry about marketing & selling commercial real estate?
  • Do you struggle to accurately value a commercial property?
  • Do you feel anxious with all your real estate “eggs” are in the residential market?

For 20+ years I’ve been passionate about helping others succeed in commercial real estate. I made this course to teach you everything I know. After over a quarter BILLION in CRE sales, I know what works.

With this course you will be able to:

  • Confidently win commercial listings.
  • Confidently negotiate commercial real estate deals so you never lose money on a commercial real estate deal again.
  • Confidently value commercial real estate so that you serve your clients at the highest level possible.
  • Create accurate Market Analysis to get you the most out of each transaction.
  • Produce amazing commercial property financial analysis (including IRR, Cap Rate, & NOI)
  • Diversify your income streams so that you can survive market downturns.

AND register TODAY you will also receive:

  • your own branded IRR Financial Calculator site ($199 value)
  • a Commercial BPO/Valuation Site ($199 value)
  • Commercial Listing Presentation template
  • a Commercial Offering Memorandum template (flyer template)
  • LOI (Letter of Intent) template
  • Multi-page Quarterly/Annual Report template
  • Excel templates for actual investment properties in the case studies

You are missing out on big commercial real estate commissions.

This training will solve this. 


Why choose this course?
I love helping others succeed in commercial real estate. I have 20+ years of experience in CRE & investing. I have managed 100s of investment properties and commercial valuations. I have bundled my best tips, tricks, and insights for you to succeed! I will walk you through what it takes to be a Commercial Real Estate EXPERT.